(h&m scarf, forever21 top-belt-sandals, mossimo shorts, dads watch)

this weekend was full of chillaxin, got a whole bunch of errands checked off the list, so that made me feel better. and in honor of chillaxin, this is my chillax outfit. i thought the mona lisa art piece made of beer caps was a pretty awesome way to recycle and just pretty awesome. and lastly i've recently re-discovered drinking nice cold water with cucumbers and different fruits.....ahhh the little things in life :) 



(banana republic hat,forever21 sweater (tied),mossimo leggings,dolce vita platform/wedges,h&m fringe purse,crossroads ring, necklaces are pieces from antique stores and random jewelry i had)

we went to a fair called fiesta days in downtown vacaville,ca and found ourselves walking around exploring other parts of downtown. i had a yummy baked potato and the bf had a hot dog and of course we had to get the good ol' kettle corn. it was colder than a medium warm day (if that even makes sense), so i thought this outfit would suffice since i've been trying to find a good day to wear that flowy hat. i loved the comfortability of both the sweater and the shoes. overall pretty darn fun day even though it ended up raining a couple hours after....(YES IT RAINED AND ITS ALMOST JUNE....i know wth)