(mossimo jacket,hm ruffle top,forever21 skirt, dkny platform wedges,urban outfitters purse)

these pictures were taken in downtown hayward,ca (right by this awesome cute lounge we go to sometimes called bijou). we were about to meet up my parents to eat dinner and it was a nice sunny day, so we decided to leave a little earlier to get some happy hour drinks! although i felt like a giant in these shoes, they were majorly comfortable and i could have worn them all day with no complaints......not one! 



(hm dress,black tube dress underneath,love culture scarf,boutique9  heels)

alex and i went out in sf to this cute place called fresca (awesome ceviche...go there) on fillmore. i love this area, its got cute little boutiques and great spots to walk around and theres a marc by marc jacobs up the street :) anyway i wanted to do a couple of shots of this outfit since the street is just so darn cute. the dress is super summer and bright (i call it the highlighter dress) so i wanted to make it more of a night outfit by adding the heels and scarf. 


good ol pelton center

(forever21 top, shorts & lace shorts, urban outfitters leather purse,lucky striped sandals, hm sunglasses and ring)

I went home to san leandro, ca this weekend for father's day and had to pick up a skirt i had in the dry cleaners for months! decided to take some pictures here at good ol' pelton center. my friends and i have many memories here so i had to honor my hometown. anyway this outfit was very casual and comfy which is what i usually like to go for. i'm lovin the peek-a-boo lace shorts, you'll be seeing this more throughout the summer...mark my words!! 

oh! and happy fathers day to all the awesome dads and happy birthday to my sister stella! :) 


umm yes please!!

i am just in love with all these sandals, had to share my sandal wishlist for the summer. im particularly in love with the seafoam blueish color, its so fresh! arent they adorable?!


so ready for summer to arrive

(mossimo jacket, hm knit sweater and fringe purse,charlotte russe shorts,forever21 chain necklace and sunglasses, miss sixty heels)

i wore this outfit in hopes the weather would act its season since it's june and all, that way i could have done away with the tights and the jacket and all the winter items. but i feel like the jacket ended up helping me complete the outfit. i was trying to play around with textures in a subtle way...from the knit sweater to the chain necklace and the leather. let me know what you guys think! (by the way, i absolutely adore these shoes, they're super comfortable and own a hint of clog-like properties...in love!)


crop it

(forever21 sweater and lace dress, topshop ring, miss sixty ankle strap heels)

ok....so this is yesterdays weather forecast in davis,ca...it was sunny, then it rained, then it hailed, then it rained, then it hailed again, then it rained and then the sun came out....... i drive by these crops everyday for work and always think about how i want to take photos here and thought i might as well capture the weirdest day ever. although i was majorly pooped after work i'm glad i finally got some pictures. it was freaken freezing!