new found loves

(hm jean shirt, penny sofou velvet heels, marc jacobs button shirt) 

ive been trying to find a jean shirt universal for everything, and i think ive found it. its super soft, comfortable and the perfect shade of denim. utterly excited. 

and next items....since moving back to the bay area, ive found it extremely dangerous to step out. theres just too many cute places to spend all the little money i have. i have a crossroads store kiddy corner from my place and i find myself 'browsing' every week. anyway, got these two awesome items. love the heels and the shirt is a little big but i think it will find a place in my closet just fine. 


now thats a party

(forever21 top,mossimo polka skirt, urban outfitter shoes)

best friend had her bridal shower and im no connoisseur in bridal showers but i have to say it was the cutest thing ever :) a bunch of us helped prep and we had a blast (definitely made the best out of 104 degree weather). best bridal shower! anyway, thought this was such a tasteful event i had to post some pictures and congratulate my besties :) everyone was dressed so cute too. 



(forever21 shorts, dresses, tops and pale pink/lavendar ring (wow thats a lot of forever21), hm pale pink clutch,ninewest suede heels, dkny wedges, lucky striped sandals, crossroads ring) 

So after doing this little cruise photo diary i realized how much forever21 clothes i buy. its quite ridiculous, so i now have told myself i am going branch out.....really bad. my boyfriend and i went to cabo & putero vallerta and it was absolutely awesome, we ate, snorkeled, ate, swam, ate, boozed it up a little, and ate again....and oh did i mention we ate?!?! 

also i wanted to apologize for my huge pause in blog posts...been busy moving back to the bay area and trying to settle in. i am starting school at fidm sf and have postponed my career for now in interior design. :( exciting to be back in the bay and more posts to come! let me know if you guys have any thoughts, would love to hear anything. 



(white metropark dress,hm blazer,jimmy choo for hm leopard heels, under one sky purse nordstrom, dads watch, jade from mom, vintage earrings, and various other jewelery)

thank you everyone for such nice comments, i love hearing feedback on everything and anything. i got this groupon for metropark and i realized i had one day left to spend it...so i did a smash and grab in a total of about 15 minutes (all time record...i think). i guess the store was going out of business so i HAD to spend it and found this cute little dress. i love the lining, subtle pattern, and there's a zipper on the back too. i always forget i have these shoes too because i keep it in the cute little shoe bag (love re-discovering items such as these). thats it for now! ......by the way, someone commented that i never smile in the photos so i tried harder this time to succeed at a smiley picture....they just never look good to me. 


mary poppins-ish

(hm hat, forever21 dress & lace top, lucky sandals, louis vuitton purse)

i've been hibernating for about a week and a half since i got my wisdom teeth taken out. the recovery was horrible and i hope none of you have to go through what i had to go through. anyway i apologize for taking forever to do a post. decided to wear a lace shirt over this maxi dress, it seemed too simple to me so i wanted to spice it up. after looking at these photos, it totally reminded me of mary poppins! the purse was given to me as a gift from my boyfriend about two years ago. i love the white for summer. also, i bought the strap separately for a pretty penny at the lv store, but i think it was worth it. 



(mossimo jacket,hm ruffle top,forever21 skirt, dkny platform wedges,urban outfitters purse)

these pictures were taken in downtown hayward,ca (right by this awesome cute lounge we go to sometimes called bijou). we were about to meet up my parents to eat dinner and it was a nice sunny day, so we decided to leave a little earlier to get some happy hour drinks! although i felt like a giant in these shoes, they were majorly comfortable and i could have worn them all day with no complaints......not one!