(white metropark dress,hm blazer,jimmy choo for hm leopard heels, under one sky purse nordstrom, dads watch, jade from mom, vintage earrings, and various other jewelery)

thank you everyone for such nice comments, i love hearing feedback on everything and anything. i got this groupon for metropark and i realized i had one day left to spend it...so i did a smash and grab in a total of about 15 minutes (all time record...i think). i guess the store was going out of business so i HAD to spend it and found this cute little dress. i love the lining, subtle pattern, and there's a zipper on the back too. i always forget i have these shoes too because i keep it in the cute little shoe bag (love re-discovering items such as these). thats it for now! ......by the way, someone commented that i never smile in the photos so i tried harder this time to succeed at a smiley picture....they just never look good to me.